Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shagun Envelopes

Hi All!!

Today I am going to share " Shagun Envelopes" which are handmade n decorated. I got these envelopes order for 'Rakhi' festival. Making so many pieces with one single hand.........Huuuuusshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! :) But fortunate to make them in time n delivered successfully.

I used my Quilling skills too for decorating them. :) Used some 'GOTAA'(Golden ribbon), Beads, Die cuts, Laces, Glitters, Stamped leaves with fuzzy cuts and all above CREATIVITY ;-)....Here are some pics from my order...

Hope you like!! Thanks for spending time. Tadaaaa..... :)


  1. What is the price range for all the above envelopes??

  2. Wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing these beautiful envelopes with us.Highly appreciative
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