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'Merry Christmas' A Greeting Card

Hey there! Hope you all are doing good today!

First I want to thank all of you for liking, appreciating and loving my craft work. Thanks to those who have subscribed to my website and my YouTube channel. Every like and subscribe...means a lot!! :) It's very motivational and supportive! Thanks a lot for being so kind! :)

Today I'm sharing a quick Christmas card which I've created with minimum supplies. Everyone is busy in preparation for Christmas so I'm giving you a crafty idea for your decoration or gifts. Here is my card..

For this card I chose Poinsettia..which is known as Christmas plant as well. This stamp is from Lesia Zgharda Designs which is a Ukraine based company. I ordered some stamps few weeks back when 25% off sale was going on. You can find the unboxing video HERE on my YouTube channel.

I've captured all the procedure of this card in a video and mentioned all the supplies with their link in the video description box.

You no need to be stick on these mentioned supplies only. You can choose whatever you have in your crafty stash and create one. I'm just giving you an idea and sharing my creativity with you :)

Colored these leaves with Life Of Colour Water Brush Pens. They have their shop on Amazon. They sent me their Water Brush pens to try and trust me they are awesome. It's a pack of 20 brush pens with one refillable water brush. It's a pocket friendly and a perfect gift for your crafty pals. (A Halloween Giveaway is running on my Instagram. I'm giving away a set of these brush pens and gonna announce the winner on 31st October. For details check my Instagram )

Now you enjoy step by step video tutorial here..

I have mentioned all the supplies link in my video description. You can find there.

Hope you like it. Don't forget to subscribe my YouTube channel for this series and upcoming tutorials on different themes :)

That's it for today!

Be kind, thankful and optimistic!

Signing off for now..!